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School Dances

Dances and Special Events

Hillcrest Middle School dances and special activities are held throughout the school year.  Specific dates are announced at school and in the weekly “Monday Messages” newsletter.  Only current Hillcrest Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades are invited to attend.  The Graduation Dance is limited to Hillcrest seventh and eighth grade students.  All dances and activities are open to current HMS students ONLY.  Students must be picked up immediately after the dance.  Admission is charged to cover costs and raise funds for student activities. Each grade level is asked to provide refreshments for one dance.  Students who are “ineligible” may not attend dances or participate in other special events.  The district dress code and rules must be adhered to at all school activities, dances and fieldtrips.  Students who are absent the day of the dance may not attend the dance. (See “Eligibility for Dances” below.)


Eligibility for Dances at Hillcrest Middle School

Students will not be eligible for a dance if they fit into any of the following categories:  

  1. Any student absent from school the day of the event
  2. Any student who has received 3 or more Administration-assigned lunch detentions during the trimester in which the activity is held or the next event
  3. Any student who has been suspended (in school or out of school) during the trimester in which the activity is held or the next event
  4. Any student owing money from lost books, instruments, sports uniforms, etc. at the time the event occurs
  5. Any student attending Gravenstein Community Day School during the trimester in which the activity is held.