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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Information Cards:

Students must have an Emergency Information Card on file in the School Office.  If the parent /guardian cannot be contacted staff will notify emergency contacts listed on the student’s Emergency Information Card.  Students will ONLY be released to persons listed on your Emergency Information Card.  If the address or phone number is changed, or the parent/guardian has a new job, or if the student is going to be left in the temporary care of someone who is not on the student’s Emergency Information Card, please notify the School Office to change the emergency card.  Telephone calls or notes brought to the school office by someone other than the parent/guardian asking for release to a person not on the emergency card will not authorize release.


Click here for an emergency card 

Emergency and during the School Day Release Procedures:


The following procedures must be followed:

  • Students will be released ONLY to a parent/guardian OR someone listed on the Emergency Information Card.  They may be required to show identification to authorize release.  Notes brought in by students or other people will not authorize release.

  • Parents/guardians (or any visitor) must check in the School Office before going on the campus.

  • Parents /guardians (or visitors) must sign you out when leaving campus, so that staff can accurately account for all students.  

  • The school will make every effort to notify parents or guardians in the event of an emergency.  However, in an emergency, limited phone lines will make this a slow process. Please listen to KSRO AM 1350 for updated news or for school closures.