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Luther Burbank


Hillcrest Houses: What Are They?

Houses:  Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students are divided into four  “Houses” (activity groups) for the purpose of friendly competitions during the lunch period and throughout the year.  Each House is named after someone famous from our community’s history, Ballotti, Burbank, Libby and O'Farrell.  The Houses elect student leaders who help organize teams for each of the events.  The events range from sports, such as basketball, table tennis, and volleyball, to board games or jeopardy competitions, as well as service activities like canned food drives.  Points are earned for participation and winning.  At the end of the school year the winning House earns a special reward. The House Reward Activity has the same eligibility requirements as dances.

House Points:

Ballotti:  411  

Burbank:  313   

Libby:  317 

O'Farrell: 340

Hillcrest Houses: Who Are They?

Reynolds Ballotti was the first superintendent of the Gravenstein Union School District, he held that position for 25 years until his retirement in 1980.


Luther Burbank started farming in Sebastopol in 1885. He studied plants and became a world renowned horticulturist who developed new varieties of fruits, grains and vegetables.


Willard Libby attended Analy High School and grew up to become a Nobel Prize winning scientist. He developed radiocarbon dating techniques that became the standard tool for archaeologists to determine the precise age of objects.


Jasper O’Farrell was one the first European settlers of Sebastopol. He immigrated from Ireland and named the valley where his ranch was located Analy, after his hometown of Annaly, Ireland.